What’s inside the Travel Kit 3 Items?

1 x Purifying Cleansing Gel (20gm)

The Purifying Cleansing Gel is enriched with botanical enzyme extract which cleanses the skin without stripping off its natural protective lipids. It effectively break down grease stains from make-up and removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth, fresh and supple.

1 x Perfect Multi-Hydration Serum (10ml)

The special combination of hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts helps to create long lasting hydration properties to moisture skin through all layers of the skin, creating softer, smoother and healthy skin. Suitable for all skin type.

1 x Aqua Hydrating Moisturizer I (10gm)

A light-weight moisturizer which contain high quality of hydrating properties (Hyaluronate Acid) which helps to reduce skin dryness, fine lines and blemishes. It also contains multi-layer essence which actively help in keeping water content in the skin and restore skin cell, protect the skin from aging and making the skin glow and smooth.

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